Kenora members at Saakaate House Inc. ratify

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August 12, 2021

The members at Saakaate House Inc. Women’s Shelter in Kenora have ratified a new three-year agreement on July 7, 2021. Wage increases will be as follows: Year 1 – $0.35, Year 2 – $0.30 and Year 3 – $0.35.

A new benefit plan will be introduced that will include $300 per year for massage therapy, and improvements in other areas. Pension language was also added to the current language.

There will be the addition of new mental health activity days for employees in the amounts of 24 hours for Full-Time and 12 hours for Part-Time. As well, the part-time sick leave will improve 60 hours per year to 85% of Full Time FTE or 5 hours per month minimum.

Gender neutral language will now be reflected throughout the collective agreement.

Union negotiating committee: Sarah Jell and Charlotte Rosewarne. Union rep: Alex Stubbs