Kearney firefighters ratify new agreement

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December 22, 2020

On-call Volunteer Firefighters at the Town of Kearney ratified a new collective agreement on December 17, 2020.

Firefighters in the Town of Kearney ratify new agreementOver the next four years covered by the agreement, the members at the Town of Kearney will see wage increases totalling 10%. The first 2.5% raise will be paid retroactively for hours worked since the date the previous agreement expired. The rate paid to probationary employees will now come up to meet the provincial minimum wage.

Language improvements ensure the Union has a 15-minute period to meet new hires and inform them about the Union and their agreement.

Further improvements will ensure that Volunteer Firefighters who are required to remain on scene at a call for five hours or more will receive a purchased meal. This is an improvement over the previous 10 hours required to receive this provision.

Union Negotiating Committee: Justine Groome, Shawn Hayes, and Union Rep Derek Jokhu.

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