Jungbunzlauer members ratify

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December 7, 2018

Recently, members at Jungbunzlauer in Port Colborne ratified a new agreement that will see them through September 2023.

Employees will see wages improve by a total of 11% during the term of the contract. In addition, all employees receive a retention bonus of $2,000. Important language achieved defines Maintenance On-Call and Call-In provisions. Employees will also benefit from an improved tool allowance, and the Packaging Department now receives a paid lunch.

The Union negotiating committee achieved language that ensures any work performed on a Statutory holiday will count toward the employee’s pension. Workers will see improvements to their health and welfare benefits as follows:

  • Chiropractor – $25, up from $20, per visit.
  • Physiotherapy – $550 per year, up from $500.
  • Eyeglasses – $250, up from $200, per 24-month period.

If the government declares an additional Statutory holiday, the employees will retain their existing floater day in addition to the new holiday. Further language ensures that development/course reimbursement is open to all members of the bargaining unit and is no longer limited to an employee’s position. Other important language improvements address pay equity, and employees may now break a floater day into two equal parts.

There are 67 full-time employees in the bargaining unit at Jungbunzlauer. Members ratified the new agreement on November 19, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Glen Gahagan, Chief Steward Matt Lallouet, Wayne Robbins, and Union Rep Jason Hanley.