JBS Foods in Belleville ratifies numerous language improvements in new deal  

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November 29, 2021

The 300 members at JBS Foods ratified a four-year collective agreement on November 20, 2021. Members will see wage increases in Year 1 ranging from

$1.00 to $2.89 per hour – plus retroactive payments to September 26, 2021, in Year 2 – 2%, Year 3 – 2% and in Year 4 -2%. The previous 30-month wage grid progression will be reduced to 90 days in order to reach the end rate.

Language improvements include:

  • The percentage of Full-time employees will increase to 50% plant wide up from 40%
  • Pay errors of over $40.00 to be paid within 5 days.
  • New language will provide that banked overtime up to 80 hours can be replenished should they dip below 80 hours.
  • Vacation week can be booked mid-week for travel.
  • Vacation week can be booked as individual days.
  • The safety boot and tool allowance will increase by $200.00 for a total of $700.00.
  • The employer will provide drill bits to maintenance employees.
  • New language will be added regarding No Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying.
  • Gender neutrality will be reflected throughout the Collective Agreement.
  • The Chief steward will have a 30-minute introduction period for new employees.
  • All stewards will be permitted 1 day per year to attend Union training and conferences.
  • Ratification meeting leave will allow for 1 day paid by the employer for all of the Negotiating Committee.
  • Reviewing Final Collective Agreement Leave will provide for time off at the workplace for all of the Negotiating Committee.

Union negotiating committee: Mike Labarge, William Thrasher and Diane Varrette. Union Representatives: Joe Tenn and Dean McLaren.

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