J.H. McNairn members achieve new agreement

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October 9, 2018

Local 175 members at J.H. McNairn achieved a new four-year agreement on October 4, 2018.

The 95 full-time employees at the J.H. McNairn facility in Whitby will see increases of 60 cents per hour in each of the first three years. In the fourth year, rates increase by 70 cents per hour. In addition, employees will receive a Training premium of 50 cents per hour for all hours so worked. The Weekend Warrior crew will now be paid at 36 hours instead of 30. The contract also includes language to ensure rates stay ahead of minimum wage based on seniority.

The employer’s rate of matching RRSP contributions for employees increases to 4.24% in year one, 4.5% in year two, and 5% in years three and four. Employees benefit from an improved allowance of $250 per year for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The shoe allowance increases to $200 as well. Mechanics each receive 10 arc flash t-shirts.

Members now receive two paid Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days as well as two paid personal days per year.

The contract includes several improvements to the members’ health and welfare benefits. This includes increased eye wear coverage to $500, increased orthotics coverage to $300, and paramedical services is now covered up to $500. Life Insurance is now $50,000 and the employer will pay for the life insurance premiums.

Language improvements include a reduction of the probation period to 90 days. The employer will recognize all future holidays announced by the federal or provincial governments as well.

Unionized workers at J.H. McNairn ratify new agreement Unionized workers at J.H. McNairn ratify new agreementUnion Negotiating Committee: Phil McBeth, Shelley St. Thomas, Bill Wells, Byron Williams, and Union Rep Christina Mayberry.

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