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February 28, 2018

UFCW Locals 175 & 633 - Time to Care

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In Ontario, our long-term care homes are run at high occupancy levels and are usually short-staffed.

With the number of chronic care beds in hospitals cut, the number of residents who suffer from dementia in these homes is also increasing.

What this means, is there isn’t enough staff to provide adequate care for our seniors. In fact, most personal support workers only have about 6 minutes per resident to get them out of bed, get them washed, dressed, groomed and down to the dining room to eat.

So, where is the time to help those that need help? Our loved ones who need help feeding themselves or to bathe? What about those who need help repositioning to avoid bedsores? Where is the time to talk to someone who is lonely, agitated or sick?

On February 27, 2018, we attended the Time To Care rally at Queen’s Park where we had the opportunity to hear a number of presenters speak passionately about this issue. Our Local 175 Recorder and Registered Nurse Karen Vaughan was one of those speakers. You can watch the video highlights here.

Bill 33, would mandate a minimum average of 4 hours of care time per resident per day, and it’s time our government passed the Time to Care Act into Law.

It’s time to care!

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) today and tell them YOU want to see Bill 33 become LAW. You can also download a poster here.

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