Islamic School of Hamilton teachers awarded first contract

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September 27, 2018

Islamic School of Hamilton staff awarded first contract through arbitrationTeachers at the Islamic School of Hamilton, part of the Muslim Association of Hamilton, now have a first contract as Union members at UFCW Local 175.

The new two-year collective agreement for the Islamic School of Hamilton staff, awarded through first contract arbitration, includes a number of improvements for the 27 employees at the school.

Employees receive a salary increase of $1,500 in each year of the agreement. In addition, the employees get a $500 signing bonus. The employer will pay 40 cents per kilometre for employees required to use their personal vehicles for work purposes. The school will also pay 100% of the cost for approved classroom supplies so that no teacher is paying out-of-pocket. Also, the employer will pay 50% of the tuition for children of staff who attend the school.

Employees receive five paid sick days per year that can be used for any purpose. This number increases by one per year for those who have at least three years of service, to reach a maximum of 10 days’ leave.

Language provides for 13 statutory holidays per year, which include Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr.

Bereavement leave provides three paid days for the death of an immediate family member, and one day for the death of an in-law, aunt or uncle.

The contract includes a grievance and arbitration procedure, plus union security. Language also ensures Members have a Union Steward and that their Union Representative can access the premises. Language establishes seniority for hours of work and layoff, job postings, plus provisions for various leaves of absence. In addition, the agreement addresses rest periods, and overtime in excess of 35 hours per week. The school will now limit class sizes depending on the grade as well.

If the employer requires an employee to take an educational course, the employer will pay for the course. The employee will receive regular wages if the course is during working hours.

Lastly, the agreement contains letters of understanding addressing pay equity and class assignment.

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