Impark Toronto employees achieve 3-year deal

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March 7, 2018

Members at Impark receive wage increases of 2.5% in each year of the three-year agreement.

Employees will receive the initial adjustment retroactively for hours worked since June 1, 2017. Minimum wage increases have been applied to the appropriate classification as well. In addition, the night shift premium increase to $1.15 per hour, up from $1.10.

To maintain current benefit levels for full-time employees the premiums for those benefits increase to $249, from $220, over the duration of the contract term. Part-time benefit premiums increase as well to reach a rate of $59 per month by the final year of the agreement. Sick day improvements provide Members with an additional one day per year for a total of eight.

Employees receive pay for their time plus one hour’s travel time to attend grievance meetings. The employer agrees to pay for the cost of printing copies of the agreement for Members. Plus, the employer will pay a portion of the meeting room costs for negotiations too.

Lastly, the negotiating committee achieved language stating that the employer will offer a Buyout Package to up to five employees during the life of the contract.

Members ratified the agreement, which covers 122 employees in Toronto, at a meeting held March 4, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Daud Hassan, Jim Ramsey, Senidu Woldetkle, and Union Rep John Di Falco.

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