Hospitality members at the Holiday Inn Express in Sault Ste. Marie ratify

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December 17, 2019

On November 15, 2019, the 36 unionized employees at the Holiday Inn Express in Sault Ste. Marie achieved a new three-year collective agreement.

Through bargaining, the Union Negotiating Committee secured several good monetary improvements for the members at the Holiday Inn Express. This includes an immediate increase of $1 per hour for Housekeepers and 75 cents per hour for employees in other departments. In the second year, wage rates go up by 1.5% and then by another 1.5% in the third year of the deal.

A new premium provides a premium of $2 per hour for administrative work. The night shift premium improves to provide $1 per hour, instead of 75 cents, on top of an employee’s regular rate. Lastly, Porter gratuities increase to 75%, up from 60%.

The Committee also achieved new language that provides members with three paid wellness days per year.

Members at the Holiday Inn Express also benefit from new allowances of $50 per year for full-time employees to purchase work shoes, and $100 per year for Maintenance employees to purchase boots.

New language provides members with three hours’ pay if a scheduled shift is cancelled without 12 hours’ notice. Other improvements provide enhanced bereavement entitlement. In addition, the employer will now pay 100% of the lost wages for the Negotiating Committee members.

Members at the Holiday Inn Express in Sault Ste Marie ratifyThe agreement, ratified on November 15, 2019, covers eight full-time and 28 part-time hospitality workers at the Sault Ste Marie Holiday Inn Express.

Union Negotiating Committee: Michelle Coates, Maxine Smith, and Union Rep Jim Hames.

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