Horizon Plastics ratifies increased wages and significant language improvements

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April 14, 2022

The members at Horizon Plastics in Cobourg ratified a new four-year agreement on April 5 & 6, 2022Horizon Plastics ratifies

Wage improvements include:

  • Operators – $1.50 retro to Nov 2, 2021, Year 2 – 3%, Year 3- 3% and Year 4 – 3%. New grid for Operators increases start rate and faster progression to top rate for new employees.
  • All other Classifications – $1.55 retro to Nov 2, 2021 + $0.45 effective date of ratification and Year 2 – 3%, Year 3- 3% and Year 4 – 3%.
  • Maintenance – $3.00 retro to Nov 2, 2021 and Year 2 – 3%, Year 3- 3% and Year 4 – 3%.
  • Shift premium increases by $0.20 per hour.

The employer contribution to RRSP increases by 0.75% to now be “up to 4.75%”.Horizon Plastics ratifies

Benefit improvements will see the $20 max Chiropractor limit/visit removed, prescription cap increased to $10 000 up from $7500 and Physio and Massage increased to $700 per calendar year. Dental increased to $2000 per year per covered person up from $1500.

Other language improvements include:

  • Boot allowance increases to $250 per year (was $190).
  • New high vision clothing allowance $100 per year.
  • Added Step-Parents to paid bereavement and ability to save a day for delayed ceremony.
  • Increased paid bereavement time for continental schedule.
  • Continental schedule receives an additional 10 minutes of paid break time per shift.
  • New Sunset clause and improved recall language.
  • T&E contribution increases by $300 per year to $1500.

Horizon Plastics ratifiesThe grandfathering clause will be removed for the 6th week of vacation. Now all members with the required years of service will be entitled to 6 weeks of vacation. Over the term of the new CBA, approximately 53 members will receive a 6th week of vacation going

forward and many more in the years to follow.

Union negotiating committee: Tom Bell, Jamie Hickman, Don Kent and Dan Petruk. Regional Director Paul Hardwick and Union Rep Sean Carroll.

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