Hertz Canada Ltd. Rent a Car Etobicoke ratifies new three-year deal

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January 28, 2022

The approximately 70 members at Hertz Canada Ltd. Rent a Car Etobicoke ratified a three-year agreement on December 2, 2021. Members will see wage increases as follows: In Year 1 – $.75, Year 2 – $.25, Year 3 – $.25 and Lead Drivers Capacity $.25 above base rate.

Benefit improvements include an increase to then dental amount up to $1250.00 per calendar year and vision allowance increase to $350.00. Members will also receive a Drug Benefit Card.

Other language improvements include the increase in bereavement entitlement from 1 to 3 days for in- laws, sick days will be increased to 10 days. When an employee has 5-9 unused sick days, the company will pay the unused sick days at one and half times the employees straight time hourly rate.

The employer will contribute $500.00 to the UFCW Training and Education Fund.

Union Negotiating Committee: Abshir Osman Union Rep: Mario Tardelli

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