Heritage River Retirement votes 100% in favour of new deal.

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July 21, 2021

The members at Heritage River Retirement Home in Elora have unanimously ratified a new collective agreement.

The three-year deal includes wage increase of 2% in each year of the agreement with lump sum payments of $110.00 for full-time and $55.00 for part-time workers. Part time ‘in lieu’ payments will also be increased by $.10 to a total of $.35 in July 2022. Also, the wage grid was condensed by removing a progression of 1800 hours which allows the members to reach the top rate earlier.

Sick days will increase by one in 2022 up to 4 days and then 5 days in 2023.  The employer will make a lump sum payment of $150 to the training and education fund.

Language improvements include the introduction of a labour management meeting to improve communication and shift giveaway language which was extremely important to the full-time members as there was no means for them to give away shifts previously.

Union negotiating committee:  Amber Duffield and Shari Ladds. Union Rep: Lee Johnson-Koehn

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