Herb & Spice in Ottawa ratifies three-year deal with pandemic payments

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February 18, 2022

On February 8, 2022 a new three-year agreement was ratified by the members at Herb & Spice Food and Wellness Shop in Ottawa. Members at end rate will receive pay increases as follows: Year 1 – Minimum Wage + $1.10, Year 2 – MW + $1.25 and Year 3 – MW + $1.40. Minimum Wage plus language will apply for all cashiers and clerks. Other classifications Year 1 – 2%, Year 2 – 2% and Year 3 – 2%.

Employees working since 2020 will receive pandemic lump sum payments of $400.00 and those working since 2021 will receive a $200 lump sum. Overtime will be paid after 40 hours (down from 42 hours) for all employees.

There will be a new Health Care Spending Account for new part-time employees of $350 for (20 hours to 34 hours) and $150 for (10 hours to 19 hours) after 1 year.

Other improvements include:

  • When relieving a higher rated position, members will receive $1.25 per hour (up from $1.00) and after 3 days an improvement from the previous 5 days.
  • When relieving a Department Head employees will receive $2.25 per hour (up from $2.00) and after 3 days an improvement from the previous 5 days.
  • NEW – Premium of $1.00 per hour for intra-department duties.
  • NEW – Premium $1.00 per hour for being assigned security tasks.
  • All Department Heads – $1.50 per hour premium (up from $1.00).
  • Buyers – Premium increase to $1.00 (up from .80 cents).
  • Safety Boot allowance will increase to $125.00 (up from $90.00) for full-time members yearly and part-time every two years.
  • Bereavement – one extra day of paid bereavement leave if the funeral is more than 240 Km away.
  • Floater Holiday is now paid out after one year of service instead of two years.
  • If there is a payroll error over $40, the employer will pay employee within three business days.
  • Entitlement to six weeks of vacation after 25 years of service paid at 12% (Full-time and Part-time)
  • Employees may take one week of Vacation mid-week.
  • Employees may take one week of Vacation as individual days.

Union negotiating committee: Sam Sellon and Zack Vigneau. Union Rep: Joe Tenn

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