Hallmark Housekeeping employees achieve 3-year deal

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January 14, 2019

In late December, the membership working for Hallmark Housekeeping Services on Adelaide Street in Toronto ratified a three-year renewal agreement.

The Union Negotiating Committee had their work cut out for them through this difficult round of bargaining. The employer came to the table wanting concessions, which included eliminating the Members’ health and welfare benefits. In addition, the members had concerns regarding the government’s elimination of the two paid Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days and what that would mean for them going forward.

As a result of the Union committee’s hard work, the employer agreed to increase its premium contributions to the members’ health plan to maintain benefits. Going forward, the Union Negotiating Committee will increase to two members. Plus, the employer will pay 50% of the cost to print the members’ agreement booklets.

Members will see their pay rates increase by 30 cents per hour in the first year. Wages go up another 30 cents per hour in the second year, and 25 cents per hour in year three. Stewards will receive one day of employer-paid training over the contract term.

As of January 1, 2019, members receive a floater day, with an additional floater day added as of January 1, 2021. This brings the total floater days, which may be used for sick days, to three. Employees can now book vacation mid-week. If bereavement occurs during requested vacation time, the Member may take the bereavement and save the vacation days for a later time.

Thank you to Negotiating Committee member Jamie Ferreira who worked through many late nights alongside Union Rep Lionel MacEachern to reach this agreement with the company.

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