Grober & Delft Blue members ratify final offer from employer

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March 10, 2018

During negotiations for a renewal agreement at Grober Inc/Delft Blue, the employer notified the Union that the company experienced a substantial loss over the last three years.

Despite this announcement having a significant impact on bargaining, the resulting agreement does include some improvements.

Wages increase for maintenance employees by a total of $4 per hour over the three-year term. Red-circled employees receive an increase of 10 cents per hour in year two, and 20 cents per hour in year three. In addition, premiums improve to 50 cents per hour, from 40 cents, for afternoon shift. The night shift receives 75 cents per hour, up from 55 cents.

Vision care coverage improves to $250, up from $200, and the boot allowance is now $150, up from $125. The company will provide Members with a Pay Direct Drug Card and will supply employees with all required uniforms.

The ratified agreement covers more than 110 employees at the Cambridge facilities.

Union Negotiating Committee: Paul Sihota, James Talbot, and Union Rep Sam Caetano.