GDI Sudbury members achieve increases, an RRSP program and numerous language improvements

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August 15, 2022

GDI Services members working in Sudbury at Laurentian University ratified a three-year agreement on August 3, 2022.

Wages increase as follows:

  • Cleaner – July 1, 2022 – $1.00/hour(retroactive), July 1, 2023 – $0.25/hour, July 1, 2024 – $0.25/hour.
  • Foreperson – July 1, 2022 – $0.77/hour (retroactive), July 1, 2023 – $0.25/hour, July 1, 2024 – $0.25/hour.
  • One-time $300.00 Lump sum payment to everyone who is above end-rate at Date of Ratification.
  • Night shift premium increase will double to $0.20/hour up from $0.10/hour.
  • Wage gap premium increase to $0.10/hour from current $0.05/hour (should minimum wage increase during the term of the agreement the employer will pay $0.10/hour above minimum wage).

There will be a new employer sponsored RRSP program with 1% employer match which members are eligible to enroll in after 5 years of service. This was a significant win for the members who have been fighting to achieve this for numerous sets of bargaining. The employer has also committed to meet one year prior to the date of expiry to discuss and cost out possible benefit plans prior to next round of negotiations.

Other improvements include:

  • footwear allowance will Increase to $175.00 per year up from $125.00.
  • New – 2 paid sick days per year.
  • New – employer to pay the cost of medical notes when requested to a maximum of $25.00.
  • Increased bereavement entitlement to 4 days up from 3 and workers can carry over one day for a celebration of life.
  • The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will be added to the list of paid holidays.
  • Commitment from the employer to participate in Pay Equity discussions with the Union.
  • Gender neutrality reflected throughout the language in the collective agreement.
  • Significant housekeeping – moving articles/clean-up/corrections.
  • Addition of a 3rd member to sit on Negotiating Committee.
  • A fourth week of vacation at 8% after 12 years of service, an important achievement for these members.

Union negotiating committee: Shane Gilbert and Mike Pierini. Union representative: John Beaton.

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