First Student Sault Ste. Marie members ratify new agreement

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February 11, 2020

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved a number of good improvements for the members at First Student Sault Ste. Marie.

New language negotiated will allow more drivers at First Student the option to work charter runs. Other language improvements provide significant increases to charter run rates, plug-in allowances, and meal allowances, as well as a new off-site fueling premium.

Drivers on all runs longer than 90 minutes will receive a wage increase of 7.25% this year: The initial increase of 4.25% is effective as of ratification, and the second increase of 3% will take place in September. Plus, these drivers will also see another increase of 3% in September 2021. With the majority of runs taking longer than 90 minutes, these increases will apply to most drivers in the bargaining unit.

Runs under 90 minutes will bring an increase of 1.5% as of ratification and another 1.5% in September 2020. Another 1.5% increase will be applied in September 2021.

The rate for Driver Instructors improves to $17 per hour, up from $15.07, as of ratification. That rate increases to $17.25 in September 2020, and to $17.50 as of September 2021.

Wages for employees classified as Bus Washer/Non-Driving will go up to $15 per hour, up from $14, as of ratification. Those employees will see an additional 25 cents per hour applied in September 2020, and another 25 cents per hour in September 2021.

Other monetary improvements provide a $175 signing bonus for all regular drivers. The employer will now pay for Bus Drivers’ Medical Examinations up to $130, instead of the previous $100. New language will see the employer also pay for eye exams pertaining to Bus Drivers’ licenses to a maximum of $60.

Members ratified the agreement at a meeting on January 21, 2020.

Union Negotiating Committee: Susan Lowen, Ed Marlow, Terry Smith, and Union Rep Jim Hames.

First Student Sault Ste. Marie members of UFCW 175

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