First Contract ratified by Trans-Northern Pipeline Inc

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January 3, 2023

The members in Richmond Hill ratified their first collective agreement on December 16, 2022 with a three-year term and will see significant wage and language improvements.

The wage increases negotiated are: a one-time lump sum payment of 3% of their annual 2022 salary. An increase of 2.5% in January 1, 2024 and a 2.5% increase at January 1, 2025.

These members are experiencing the benefits of belonging to a Union. Prior to unionizing their salaries varied but now everyone will be on the same pay scale thanks to having the ability to collectively bargain. The increases vary from 3% to as high as 24%.

The members will now have access to a grievance procedure and have a union to protect them and be the voice in the workplace for worker rights.

Negotiated language includes and improves Pay Equity, Gender Neutrality and Training & Education contributions of $1500.00 per contract year. The Union was also successful in retaining all past practices and their health, dental, and pension benefits that they previously held with the employer.

Prior to Unionizing these workers had filed complaints through the federal labour relations board as they were not being paid for a 15-minute period during their shift changeover. The Union was successful in resolving the issue by getting each member paid out 162.2 hours over the past 2 years at 1.5 times their hourly rate and language was also secured going forward.

Union negotiating committee: Gordon Dimitru and Eric Lee. Union Representative: Sabrina Qadir.