FIRST contract ratified by Members at Best Western in Kitchener-Waterloo

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June 26, 2017

After a difficult round of bargaining, the Members of Local 175 at the Best Western in Kitchener-Waterloo achieved their first collective agreement at a ratification meeting held June 14, 2017.

UFCW Locals 175 & 633 Members at the Best Western in Kitchener-WaterlooDuring bargaining, the Union filed a number of Unfair Labour Practices charges on behalf of the Members against the employer. Despite a tough year, the 20 employees stayed united to achieve a solid first contract.

All employees receive an increase of 20 cents per hour as of ratification. Subsequent increases will reflect the new minimum wage announced by the province plus 10 cents effective January 1, 2018, and plus 15 cents effective January 1, 2019. In addition, both full and part-time employees will receive a paid half-hour lunch, which is uncommon for this industry. Overtime is now calculated after 40 hours of work per week instead of the previous 44 hours.

The employer pays 100% of the cost for single benefit coverage and employees now pay only $20 per month, down from $52 per month, for family coverage. The annual dental maximum improves to $2,000, up from $1,500, and vision care coverage increases to $200, up from $150. Bereavement leave improves to provide four days, instead of one, for the death of an immediate family member and one day for extended family.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ibrahim Ozturk and Union Rep Jose Demelo.

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