First contract ratified by healthcare workers at The Royal Henley

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September 26, 2022

On September 23, 2022, members at The Royal Henley in St. Catharines ratified their first collective agreement by 98%.

Reviewing the CBAThe Union Negotiating Committee worked hard to achieve a good agreement to present to the members for ratification. The three-year agreement includes significant first-year wage increases, paid retroactive for hours worked since August 1, 2022, of:

  1. 10% for Personal Support Workers (PSWs);
  2. 6% for Housekeeping;
  3. 5% for Dishwashers, and;
  4. 5% for Servers.

All other classifications will receive retroactive pay of 2% in the first year. In year two and year three, all bargaining unit members at The Royal Henley will receive general wage increases of 2%. Existing members classified as Unregulated Healthcare Providers (UCPs), will continue to receive wages at time and a half until December 2023 at which time they, and all new UCP hired as of ratification, will receive a premium of 90 cents per hour over their regular rate.

In addition to establishing seniority by date of hire, and language for a grievance and arbitration procedure, the collective agreement includes a number of other improvements as well.

Royal Henley members review the proposed CBAMembers will now receive overtime pay after eight hours per day, or 80 hours bi-weekly. Members with seven years of service or more will receive a float day in the third year of the contract. Plus, members benefit from now being able to roll over unused sick time to a maximum of eight days, or receive a 40% payout which was an already established practice.

In addition, the employer agreed to contribute 1 cent per hour worked toward the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund.The Royal Henley Union Negotiating Committee

The Royal Henley employs approximately 30 full-time, 11 part-time, and 49 casual workers who are covered by this first collective agreement.

Union Negotiating Committee: Tamara Broczowski, Charity Crowder, and Laura Laister; HOPE Sector LTC/Retirement Homes Director, Sandra Ashcroft.

Members at the Royal Henley voted to join UFCW Local 175 in November 2021.

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