First collective agreement ratified at Salvation Army – York Housing and Support Services

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January 13, 2023

The new members at the Salvation Army – York Housing and Support Services in the Municipalities of York and Durham have ratified their first agreement on December 20, 2022 with a three-year term.

There will be an increase in wages of 1% for all classifications retroactive to April 1, 2022. A signing bonus of $125 for full-time and $80 for part-time, relief and casual workers. Mileage will increase from $.45 to $.55.
RRSP for Full and Part-time completed probation 4% of Regular Earnings, 6th year – 5%, 11th year – 6% After probation matching 2%, 11th year – 3%.

Full time will receive Dental and eye care benefits.

With the ratification of a collective agreement, these members will now see language and improvements in the areas of:

• A grievance procedure
• Union rep and steward representation
• Seniority, rights
• Health and Safety language and committee
• Job posting
• Bereavement leave of 5 days including “Loco Parentis”
• Sick Time
• Pay Cheque Error
• Mileage
• Work Place Training
• Lay off/Recall Language
• Hours of Work and Overtime
• Rest Periods
• Vacation
• Paid Holidays
• Letters of Understanding re: Wage opener agreement & Pay Equity

Union negotiating committee: Hayley Betts and Lyndsay Craine. Union Representative: Meemee Seto