First agreement achieved by members at Wolseley Canada

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September 20, 2016

Members at Wolseley Canada have ratified their first agreement as members of UFCW Local 175.

Following a number of negotiation dates as well as three meetings in conciliation, the members at Wolseley Canada were presented with their first collective agreement at a ratification meeting held September 10, 2016.

In addition to standard contract provisions such as union security, grievance procedures, and the establishment of seniority, the agreement also contains a number of improvements over the members’ previous working conditions.

Effective the date of ratification all start and end rates increase by 4 per cent. All other rates on the wage grid, except Sanitation and Unloaders, increase by 3%. Sanitation and Unloaders receive a 1% increase to the 48-month rate. All rates on the wage grid increase by 2.5% in year two, and again by 2.5% in year three. Members now reach the end rate after 48 months rather than the 60 months required before the collective agreement. All active employees also receive a signing bonus of $250 upon ratification.

Effective January 1, 2017, employees receive improved reimbursement for the cost of footwear of up to $140, instead of the previous $100 maximum.

Health and Safety language establishes policies and procedures to keep the workplace safe and clean.  Other language addresses job postings, layoff and recall, hours of work and overtime, paid holidays and vacation entitlement.

The three-year contract, which was ratified, covers approximately 115 employees at the Milton warehouse where employees are responsible for the distribution of plumbing and heating products, and plastic pipe and valves for oil and gas projects.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jeff Chandler, Andy Wobbes, Union Reps Matt Davenport and Mike Mattioli, and Regional Director Rob Nicholas.