Fifteen retirement care workers join UFCW Local 175

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March 8, 2018

In January, an employee at Country Estates Retirement Home in Lindsay reached out to our Organizers to help them bring the benefits of the Union to their workplace.

At the meeting that followed, 66% of the staff – everyone who attended – signed a Union card. The next day, Organizers put in the application to the OLRB.

“This was a difficult work environment for a number of employees,” said Organizer Ricardo Bocanegra. “Employees were concerned for their job security because of favouritism. And, they had a number of other pressing concerns that brought them to the Union as well.”

Employees voted on January 22, 2018, but the employer insisted on segregating some votes which delayed the outcome. Legal representatives for the Home reached out to the Union in the weeks following to release the segregated votes.

The parties need to discuss some outstanding issues, which arose during the campaign. But, the 15 employees can now move toward bargaining their first agreement as members of UFCW Local 175 and enjoy the benefit of being Union.

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