Fairness for Auto Workers

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January 4, 2018

Why are auto workers exempt from 10 days of personal emergency leave?

To: Premier Kathleen Wynne; Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn; & Minister of Economic Development and Growth Brad Duguid

The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act provides Ontario workers with 10 days of personal emergency leave. That includes two paid days for emergencies such as injury, illness, or bereavement.

But an amendment in ESA Reg 5026, effective January 1, 2018, means auto workers will get less than other workers.

Workers in the automotive industry:

  • will not get 2 paid personal emergency leave days, which all other Ontario workers receive;
  • will be entitled to only 7 unpaid days of personal emergency leave instead of 10 days, which all other workers in Ontario will get; and,
  • will have to obtain a medical note after 7 days instead of after 10 days for other workers in Ontario.

Auto workers in this province deserve the same protection under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act as other workers!

Why did this happen? Because big corporations, that don’t want to give their workers two paid emergency leave days, pressured the government. Auto workers are getting less because of corporate greed.

The exemption affects 150,000 workers in Ontario’s automotive industry. This is unacceptable.

I believe in fairness for all workers. These exemptions are unfair and unjustified. Employment standards should apply fairly to all workers.

The government must act immediately to reverse these regulations.

Petition now closed.