East Metro Youth workers join the Union!

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April 14, 2018

Recently, several employees at East Metro Youth Services decided to approach our Union out of frustration over a number of workplace concerns.

This diverse group of 120 workers at East Metro Youth Services wanted a more equitable experience at work, and the ability to hold their employer more accountable as well. The employees at the facility provide youth mental health and other care services to their clients. Their existing work environment made it difficult for employees to enjoy and manage their important work out in the Toronto community.

Job security, discrimination and favouritism, health and safety, plus wages, benefits, and pension all made the list of concerns brought to the Union by these workers. 

This campaign was a great example that the power of the people is greater than the people in power,” said Organizer Ricardo Bocanegra. “The workers at East Metro decided to seize that power and become part of our Union. It was a great honour to work with such a devoted group of individuals. I’m proud to see them join our Union family.”

In total, there are 77 full-time and 43 part-time staff at East Metro Youth Services who form the bargaining unit. The members will now start working toward a first collective agreement. In addition, they will benefit from Local 175’s strong presence in the industry. They join several thousand health and community care workers in the Local 175 Health, Office, and Professional Employee (HOPE) sector. 

Jobs include:

  • Family and Individual Therapists,
  • Youth Outreach Workers,
  • Child Youth Workers,
  • Clerial and Administrative staff,
  • Intake and Data Management positions, as well as;
  • Psychologists.

Congratulations and Welcome to Your Union.

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