Dr. Oetker strike ends as members ratify new agreement

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February 25, 2022

Dr. Oetker strike ends: The 251 members of UFCW Local 175 have voted in favour of a new three-year collective agreement, ending a week-long strike.

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Wage increases for all classifications in the first year will be paid retroactive for all hours worked since January 1, 2022. Workers in the Bakery and Foreperson classifications will see wage increases of 50 cents per hour in year one. All other classifications will see an initial increase of $1 per hour, which is five cents per hour more than the increase included in the previous final offer. Workers classified as Warehouse and Sanitation will receive an additional wage adjustment of 50 cents per hour effective the date of ratification, which was not included in the previous final offer.

Subsequent increases for workers in all classifications will include 40 cents per hour in year two, and another 40 cents per hour in year three of the agreement term.

The production bonus for Bakery workers, other than Bakery General Labour, improves to $1,500 instead of the $1,250 in the previously rejected offer. ­All other classifications will receive a bonus of $750. In addition, the company will pay employees for the Family Day statutory holiday provided they return to work as scheduled on February 24 and 25.

Language improvements include provisions for the continuation of paid sick days and paid vacation for members during a layoff, shortage of work, or shutdown.

The agreement contains new language on monthly stewards’ meetings and a Letter of Understanding between the company and the Union that will help address workplace issues.

Other negotiated improvements include an improved boot allowance of $200 per year, up from $150, and new grievance procedure language.

The Union Negotiating Committee and the employer had met over 10 days of bargaining, including conciliation, since September 2021. Members began their strike at 12:01 a.m. on February 16, 2022, after rejecting a company final offer presented to them the Saturday before.

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Members ratified the new agreement by 62 per cent, and after eight days on the picket line, employees began returning to work on February 24.

Union Negotiating Committee: John DeQuartel, Bryce Doiron, Bill Herron, Union Representative Fred Teeple, and Regional Director Sam Caetano.

Dr. Oetker members ratified a new three-year deal, ending their week-long strike

Dr. Oetker Strike Ends: Members of Local 175 at Dr. Oetker attend a meeting to review the proposed new settlement and cast their ballots. Their Negotiating Committee leads them through the document from the front of the room.

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