Dr. Oetker employees vote Union Yes!

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July 16, 2018

Dr. Oetker employees join the Union.Workers at the Dr. Oetker facility in London, Ontario reached out to UFCW Local 175 in January of this year to learn about the benefits of belonging to our Union.

The employees at Dr. Oetker felt that UFCW Local 175 might be a good fit. As a food Union, our Local has the experience to deal with the concerns they had about their workplace.

The campaign lasted five months and led to a victory in early May. UFCW Local 175 Organizers maintained regular contact with the group throughout the campaign and held numerous meetings. This allowed the workers to share their experiences and recognize they all had similar issues.

“Hearing each other speak about their worries and concerns helped build solidarity among these workers,” said Organizer Ricardo Bocanegra. The employees had several concerns they wanted to address through joining the Union. They expressed a desire to be better heard and respected, and they wanted accountability from their employer.

Respect, dignity, and accountability are all vital to a positive work environment. These things are all required for decent work to exist. Employees that feel respected and listened to will have better overall morale and, in turn, be more productive.

Our newest members held their first proposal meeting on July 7. “It’s so important for Union members to be active and engaged in the process right from the start,” said Ricardo. “It’s empowering to discover that you can have a say in your work life. Together, you and you co-workers can make positive changes.”

There are approximately 250 employees in the bargaining unit who work in a number of departments at the plant. Jobs include preparing toppings, baking and packaging, plus they provide maintenance and sanitation at the facility.

Congratulations, and Welcome to Your Union! Meet some more workers who have celebrated a Union Yes victory with UFCW Local 175!