Dexterra members at Oshawa Town Centre ratify

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August 1, 2019

On July 7, 2019, members of UFCW Local 175 who work for Dexterra at the Oshawa Town Centre ratified a new agreement.

Dexterra employees from Oshawa Town Centre on the Union Negotiating CommitteeAll employees will receive annual raises totalling $1.20 per hour over the life of the agreement. The first increase of 40 cents per hour will be paid retroactive for hours worked since the previous agreement’s expiry. In addition, the night shift premium improves to pay 75 cents per hour, up from 25 cents, on top of the regular rate.

Employer contributions to the dental plan will increase by 1 cent per hour worked, at the call of the plan Trustees. The shoe allowance, which all employees now receive, will be $75 per year. Part-time employees will now benefit from eye glass coverage of $2­­00 per agreement term.

Language improvements provide enhanced bereavement entitlement, and sick days will be paid out to a maximum of 10 days per year. Members will also receive their birthday off with pay. Other improvements address:

  • Holiday language;
  • Letters of Understanding regarding Pay Equity and Arbitration time limits, and;
  • A new annual employer contribution of $100 to the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

Plus, employees whose lunch periods are interrupted by required work will be compensated with an additional 30 minutes of paid lunch.

The new contract contains gender neutral language throughout as well.

The three-year agreement covers 24 full-time and 19 part-time employees of Dexterra who work at the Oshawa Town Centre.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jeffrey Kellar, Kirk McKee, Paul Sayeau and Union Rep Christina Mayberry.

Dexterra members in Pickering ratified a new contract earlier this year too! Check out the highlights here.

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