Dependable Maintenance Janitorial employees join the Union

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August 12, 2019

Welcome to the employees at Dependable Maintenance Janitorial at three locations in Toronto who voted to become part of the UFCW Local 175 membership.

Dependable Maintenance Janitorial employees in Toronto join the UnionThe employees at Dependable Maintenance Janitorial contacted the Union because they felt they had no one to turn to with their concerns, having never met management. Among the reasons for reaching out to join the Union, employees wanted to improve their wages as well as their health and welfare benefits and sick days.

They wanted to achieve better job security, and a healthier and safer work environment too.

A strong sense of community among the workers helped them achieve this victory toward a better working life. This vote brings about 40 new members who provide cleaning and maintenance services at several Sunnybrook locations in the city.

Congratulations to all the employees at Dependable Maintenance Janitorial, and welcome to Your Union.

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