Customer Service Agents at Bearskin Airlines say Union Yes!

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May 10, 2022

In April, customer service agents working for Perimeter Aviation (operating as Bearskin Airlines) at the North Bay airport joined the ranks of UFCW Local 175.

The Union already represents Bearskin Airlines workers at other locations as well. Through card-check certification, these six new Bearskin employees will enjoy the same representation.

The new members were mainly interested in workplace improvements such as competitive wages and job security, and wanted their concerns taken more seriously by management.

“These workers made it known that they wanted to be a part of Local 175 and our organizing team did a great job in supporting them through this campaign,” said president Shawn Haggerty.

These new members eagerly await negotiations in hopes of achieving some of the gains already enjoyed by their unionized counterparts at Bearskin.

Congratulations, and welcome to Your Union.

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