Controlling the flow, Line Controllers join Local 175

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February 3, 2022

On Tuesday, January 11, UFCW Local 175 welcomed 12 new members from Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. located in the city of Richmond Hill. These new members were certified through the Canada Industrial Relations Board and are Federally regulated under the Canada Labour Code.

Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. is a company that controls the flow of oil and gas from Alberta, through Ontario and into Quebec, by underground pipelines. These new bargaining unit members work as line controllers, who monitor and control the flow of the oil and gas in the pipelines.

“These workers wanted to have a voice in deciding their job conditions,” said President Haggerty. “We’re happy to welcome them to the Union and will have their backs as they move forward to make positive changes in their workplace. ”

Our new members look forward to getting to the bargaining table so they can work toward better job security, shift consistency, seniority rights, and more in their first collective bargaining agreement.

Congratulations to our new members – welcome to Your Union.

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