Contract Ratified for Montfort Renaissance

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May 25, 2011

Résidence Montfort Renaissance in Ottawa has a new three-year collective agreement. Members from the downtown Ottawa housing complex, which serves at-risk members of the community, ratified their contract on May 10, 2011. The three-year deal includes substantial pay increases, additional employer-contributed benefits and more statutory holidays. Regarding pay, members hired before September 2008 will receive an increase of $0.90 per hour in the first year of the contract, $0.69 more in the second year and another $0.51 in the last year. The raises will take place in April of each year. This means workers will increase their wages by $2.10 per hour over the terms of the contract.

The employer contributes monthly to the Health and Welfare benefits for members. These contributions increase by $5.00 in August of the contract’s first year, by an additional $9.00 in the second year and $10.00 in the final year. Benefits will also apply to members working an average of 45 hours during a two week period. Prior to this agreement, members had to work 52.5 hours to receive benefits.

Members also have three new Statutory holidays and additional sick leave. New in this contract, part-time employees will now have their sick leave pro-rated at 0.019 credit for every hour worked up to a maximum of 40 hours per year.

Negotiating Committee: Elizabeth Smith and Jacques Niquet. Chief Negotiator: Daniel Mercier.