Contract ratified by Members at Maple Leaf Consumer Foods in Brantford

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April 5, 2017

The membership at Maple Leaf Consumer Foods in Brantford achieved a new four-year collective agreement at a ratification vote held April 1, 2017.

Wages increase in each year of the agreement including a total of $1.60 per hour for Production, and a total of $2.60 per hour for Mechanical departments. A wage survey has been implemented for skilled trades to keep those wages in line with industry standards.

Shift premiums increase for Hi-Spares, Team Leads, and the afternoon and night shifts. In addition, a new premium of 30 cents per hour applies for Training.

Vision care coverage improves to provide $250 toward the cost of prescription eyewear per two-year period, up from $200.
The contract contains more efficient timelines for filing grievances and issuing discipline, a reduced sunset clause, better accessibility to overtime by seniority, and improved access to primetime vacation for employees with seniority. Other improvements provide pre-shift overtime, and enhanced bereavement leave.

Union Negotiating Committee: John Paul MacKenzie, Randy Mallais, Donna Rhodes, Rob Tosh, and Union Rep Mike Mattioli.

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