Congrats to CapsCanada members on their first agreement

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October 19, 2017

The 96 new members of UFCW Local 175 at CapsCanada in Tecumseh ratified their first collective agreement on October 12, 2017.

The four-year contract includes a number of improvements over the workers’ previous employment conditions. Members on the negotiating committee achieved important language ensuring that overtime is now voluntary, with no more on-call shifts. Also, they secured the ability to take up to four weeks’ vacation at one time.

Members receive a 2% increase as of the date of ratification, plus subsequent increases of 1.75% in each of the following three years in the contract term. In addition, all active employees receive signing bonuses of between $400 and $600. Employees who receive promotions receive a 50 cent per hour increase after 30 days while they progress through the grid. Matching contributions toward the employee’s RRSP plan improve to 2.5%.

Sick days increase to two per year plus one personal day, and no doctor’s note will be required until an employees is absent two days in a row. Vision care improves to provide $220 in coverage, up from $200, every two years. The boot allowance increases to $100, and all new mechanics receive a new $100 tool allowance following ratification. Additional language ensures a dish-wash and mechanic tool kit will be available in each plant.

CapsCanada Negotiating Committee Members

Members now receive up to five weeks of paid vacation per year for those with 12 years of service or more. Bereavement leave improves as well to provide three days, instead of one, for the death of a grandparent. New language addresses swiping out for start of shifts and provides guidelines for being late from breaks.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ann Marie Fisher, Anna Mauro, Shelly Seguin, Brian Thompson, and Union Rep Brenda Simmons.

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