Compass Group workers in Woodstock ratify

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December 12, 2018

Through conciliation, the Union members at Compass Group in Woodstock and their employer reached an agreement that dealt with several issues.

The ratified three-year contract contains signing bonuses and annual rate increases. Full-time employees at Compass Group will receive a lump sum of $300, and part-time will receive $50, effective as of ratification. Hourly wages will increase by:

  • 50 cents per hour in year one,
  • 25 cents per hour in year two, and;
  • Another 25 cents per hour in year three.

Plus, the agreement contains new language allowing workers to keep any tips collected from customers. Workers will receive a new shoe allowance of $50 per year toward the cost of non-slip footwear.

The Union negotiating committee achieved language to ensure the employer will now cover the cost of training. Other improvements include additional uniform entitlements, and seniority will now reflect preference to full-time employees.

Additionally, bereavement leave now provides five days, instead of three, for the death of an immediate family member. Immediate Family now includes grandchildren as well. Plus, employees now receive one day paid leave for the death of an aunt and uncle.

UFCW 175 Stewards on the Compass Group Woodstock Negotiating Committee

Thank you to Union Stewards Angela Blender and Deb Smith who represented their co-workers on the Union Negotiating Committee along with Union Rep Mike Mattioli.