Compass Group members at Southlake Regional Hospital ratify

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March 28, 2022

The Compass Group members working at Southlake Regional Hospital in Newmarket ratified a three-year agreement on March 17, 2022. Wage increases will be: Year 1 – $.60 ($.40 retroactive, $.20 effective 1st pay period after date of ratification), Year 2 – $.15 and Year 3 – $.20. There will also be a $50.00 lump sum payment on ratification.

Language improvements include:

  • Introduction of Harassment and Discrimination article
  • Introduction of shoe allowance in March 2023 of $25.00
  • Introduction of employer paid doctors notes up to $20.00
  • Addition of Step-sibling and Step-parent to bereavement leave
  • Members can save one day of paid bereavement to be used for a delayed funeral or spring interment. To be used within six months
  • Letter of understanding to create a Labour Management committee within 90 days of ratification

Union Negotiating Committee: Chantal Forest, Barbara MacFarlane and Union Rep: Sacha Edey.