Compass Group members at George Brown College achieve yearly monetary increases and language improvements

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June 9, 2022

The members working at George Brown College employed by Compass Group in Toronto ratified a three-year agreement on June 4, 2022 with increase in each year across all classifications as follows. Year 1 – $0.70, Year 2 – $0.40 and Year 3 $0.30.

Language improvements will see gender neutrality reflected throughout the agreement and pandemic language included.

Doctor’s note reimbursement will increase from $20 to $40 with a receipt and a new Letter of Understanding with regard to Harassment and Discrimination as well as one for the Joint Labour Management committee will be added.

Additionally, the members will be able to vote out the meal allowance mandated by Compass Group in the first 90 days of the school opening, an important achievement for these members.

Union negotiating committee: Maria Johnson. Union Representative: Sabrina Qadir

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