Compass Group members at Canteen Canada in Cambridge achieve new agreement

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September 26, 2022

On September 19, 2022, UFCW Local 175 members working for Compass Group at Canteen Canada in Cambridge ratified a new three-year collective agreement.

The Union Negotiating Committee for Compass Group at Canteen Canada achieved enhanced job security, further assuring that members will not experience reduced hours or layoff due to the employer contracting out work. In addition, any temporary employees brought in will pay Union dues as well.

Other significant language improvements ensure there are no blackout periods limiting when bargaining unit members are allowed to take vacation.

Wages will improve for the bargaining unit members in every year of the agreement. In the first year, general wage increases provide between 9.1% to 12.45% depending on classification, paid retroactive for hours worked since August 4, 2022. Members will see a 1.75% raise in year two, and another 1.75% raise in year three. Red-circled employees will receive increases at half the rate of the general increase in each year.

Employer contributions to the members’ health and welfare plan increase to 13.1%, up from 13%, which improves the Short-Term Disability (STD) benefit to $475 per week, up from $425 per week. Vision care coverage improves to $350 every 24 months. In addition, members will benefit from increased paramedical coverage of $2,000 combined per year, excluding a separate $1,500 maximum for psychology practitioners. The previous overall lifetime benefit maximum of $500,000 is now unlimited.

Other language improvements provide for two negotiating committee members, instead of one, up to and including conciliation. Members also benefit from an increased safety boot allowance of $275 per year, up from $120, and they can now use that allowance to cover the purchase of work pants or shorts as preferred by the employee.

The three-year collective agreement covers 28 full-time Compass Group employees at Canteen Canada in Cambridge.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ron McIlveen – Chief Steward, and Kevin Miller – Steward; Union Representative: Jason Hanley.

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