Compass group members achieve sick days and increases in new collective agreement

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March 10, 2023

Compass Group members working on the sixth floor at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto ratified a three-year agreement on February 14, 2023.

Members will receive general wage increases of: Year 1 – $0.75, Year 2 – $0.25 and Year 3 – $0.25. There will be a new baker classification introduced with the wage rate set at $.50 above the general wage rate in Year 1 and then those in this classification will receive the general wage increase in Years 2 & 3. A lead hand premium will be introduced as well at $0.75/hr.

Language improvements include:

  • Members will now receive paid sick days as follows: – Full-time – 1 day in 2024 & 2 days in 2025, Part-time 1 day in 2025.
  • Shoe allowance increase from $25 to $50.
  • Addition of new members from new location in the hospital (Peter Gilgan Tower).
  • Added one steward for new location
  • Employer will endeavor to have a consistent shift schedule (i.e. days or evenings) for at least two weeks before changing shift schedule.

Union negotiating committee: Tessma Tiruwork and Sylvia Mahbub. Union representative: Sacha Edey.

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