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January 23, 2024

Compass Group Sienna Senior Living members in GTA ratify new agreement

Members employed by Compass Group, Sienna Senior Living Homes operating in Hawthorn, Weston, Fieldstone and Woodbridge ratified a three-year agreement on January 5, 2024.

Wage increases for members are as follows:

  • Dietary Aide: Year 1 – 8.04%, Year 2 – 2.8% and Year 3 – 2.72%.
  • Prep Aide: Year 1 – 5.44%, Year 2 – 2.5% and Year 3 – 2.4%.
  • Cooks: Year 1 – 3.2%, Year 2 – 2.5% and Year 3 – 2.4% and a signing bonus for Cooks of $200.00 paid within 30 days of ratification.

There will be an increase to the RRSP employer contribution by 1%. Part and full-time members are eligible to contribute 1% of their base wages per pay period and those employees who choose to contribute will receive 2% of base wages contributed by the company into the RRSP plan.

Benefit improvements include that the benefit cost share employer contribution will increase to 80%, Vision Care increases to $300 up from $250, Physio and Chiropractor allowance increases to $300.

Language improvement include:

  • Addition of a sick day to seven total,
  • Doctor’s note reimbursement increased to $50,
  • Bereavement leave will increase to five days,
  • New: four sick days for part-time. Ninety part-time workers will benefit from this gain.
  • New: Floating Holiday – employees who have completed one year of service will be eligible to take one float day per calendar year,
  • New: Employees who work more than 24 hours per week for more than nine consecutive weeks will be reclassified as full time, unless for reason of directly relieving a full-time employee on vacation, leave of absences, in cases of emergencies or covering other employees for statutory leaves of absence. Seniority will be back dated to the commencement of the nine-week consecutive period.

Union negotiating committee: Shahab Adem, Aretha Foster, Sheronne Francis and Reomeo Monday. Union representative: Amy Tran.

Compass Group Compass Group Sienna Senior Living ratifies

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