Comfort Inn Cornwall members avoid concessions in a sector hit hard by COVID 19

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July 16, 2021

The members at Comfort Inn Cornwall ratified a new agreement on July 7, 2021 with a four-year term.

Although the hospitality sector has taken a major hit due to COVID-19 we were able to avoid concessions and make improvements which include the introduction of a minimum wage plus wage grid which will see increases in each year of the collective agreement. By the end of the term the rate will be minimum wage plus $1.55 a notable increase given the state of the sector. Members will receive retroactive pay in the amounts of $350 for full-time and $50 for part-time workers who are active on the payroll.

The benefit plan will remain funded 100% by the employer, and unused sick days will be paid out.

Improvements to language include new language to deal with double coverage at the front desk during peak business hours and language for employees to take vacation in single days. Members will now be able to make a request for their vacation pay payout with the flexibility to receive those payments during slower business periods, while still maintaining the option to book the time at a later date.

Union negotiating committee: Muriel Allen and Kathy Sauve. Union representative Shannon Epp.

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