Coca-Cola Gatineau members achieve three-year agreement

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March 11, 2021

UFCW Local 175 members at the Coca-Cola Gatineau facility ratified a three-year agreement recently.

In this new contract, members will benefit from improved vacation selection. Members now have two opportunities per year to select vacation which gives them extra time to choose their preferred weeks off.

Wage improvements provide a $1,000 lump sum to all bargaining unit members at Coca-Cola Gatineau in year one. Rates will improve by 50 cents per hour in year two, and 55 cents per hour in year three. Additional monetary improvements provide a new night shift premium of $1 per hour, and an increased safety shoe allowance of $210, up from $190.

The clothing allowance improves to provide an additional sweater, plus two toques and two ball caps every second year. Members also received an extra sweater and ballcap at ratification as well.

The 11 members at Coca-Cola Gatineau ratified their agreement on March 5, 2021.

Union Negotiating Committee: Pierre-Eric Tasse, Rudy Tremblay, and Union Rep Joe Tenn.

Members at Coca-Cola Gatineau meet to review a new agreementThe Coca-Cola Gatineau UFCW 175 Negotiating Committee

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