Coca-Cola Bottling Ottawa members ratify 3-year deal with increases and language improvements

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December 3, 2020

During this round of bargaining, the Union Negotiating Committee at Coca-Cola Bottling Ottawa sought the assistance of a Conciliation officer after the membership rejected a first offer from the company by about 69%.

A Coca-Cola Bottling Ottawa committee member sits in their car while hosting a ratification vote.The Committee faced a number of challenges including a long agreement term, the deletion of critical contracting out language, and more.

As a result of conciliation and continued bargaining, the agreement ratified by the members on November 29, 2020, has a three-year term, good wage increases and language improvements.

Members will benefit from vacation language that will see weeks that open up be reposted during the course of the year and awarded by seniority. Mandatory overtime language for Junior Outside employees also improves to require four hours per week, down from five hours.

Ratification vote for Coca-Cola Bottling Ottawa

Wages improvements for all employees include lump sums and rate increases. Outside employees will see a $500 lump sum, plus 25 cents per hour effective January 1, 2021. In year two, this same classification will receive a raise of 72 cents per hour, and another $1.03 per hour in year three. Inside employees receive a lump sum payment of $700 in year one, plus rate increases of 50 cents per hour in year two and again in year three.

All employees will benefit from improved attendance language that will pay out unused sick days at 125%, up from 100%.

The Boot Allowance improves to provide $210 per year, up from $185, as of April 1, 2022. The Tool Allowance for Service Technicians improves as well to provide $300, up from $240.

Coca-Cola Ottawa Union Negotiating Committee UFCW 175

The Union Negotiating Committee also achieved improvements to language regarding harassment, bullying, and discrimination in the workplace.

The employer will now pay 100% of the costs for meeting rooms and printing agreements for the members.

Coca-Cola Bottling Ottawa Union Negotiating Committee: Dan Guillot, Greg MacDonald, Keith Miles, Sean Wert, and Union Rep Joe Tenn.

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