Canna Cabana workers ratify first agreement as Union members

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March 5, 2021

Canna Cabana members ratify their first collective agreementRetail cannabis dispensary employees at Canna Cabana in Hamilton have achieved their very first collective agreement.

The members at Canna Cabana were very motivated to achieve an agreement with good improvements to their working conditions. During the course of bargaining, the Union Negotiating Committee requested the assistance of a Conciliation Officer to keep discussions moving forward.

As a result, the nine full-time and nine part-time employees at the Hamilton dispensary secured an agreement that will see them through the next two years and four months.

Wages & Hours

Members will benefit from a number of monetary improvements over the term of the agreement. Employees who are currently post-probation will get an immediate $1 raise to bring their rate to $17 per hour. Employees with two years of service will move to $17.50 per hour. All initial raises will be paid retroactively for hours worked since April 13, 2020.

In addition to rate increases, employees will receive lump sum signing bonuses: $375 for full-time and $175 for part-time. Two senior employees will receive a lump sum of $1,450 as of ratification plus the retroactive increases.

New overtime language means that members at Canna Cabana receive overtime pay after 42 hours per week instead of 44. In addition, members will also benefit from language that improves scheduling. Further language improvements also guarantee that the employer will maintain a minimum of seven full-time jobs for the duration of the agreement.

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Leaves of Absence and Holidays

The Union Negotiating Committee succeeded in bargaining three new paid sick days for all employees. Previously, employees at Canna Cabana had no paid sick time. In addition, the agreement contains new paid bereavement leave and paid jury leave as well.

Members at Canna Cabana will benefit from new vacation entitlement, which now forms part of the agreement. The number of Statutory holidays contained in the agreement language increases and now members will also receive one floater day per year.

Lastly, the employer agreed to make contributions to the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund in the amount of three cents per hour worked.

This first agreement, thought to be one of the first in the Canada’s Cannabis industry, was ratified on December 18, 2020. The employees at Canna Cabana became the first retail cannabis dispensary to unionize when they voted to join UFCW Local 175 in April 2020.

Union Negotiating Committee: David Claros, Jesse Peria, Union Rep Ashleigh Vink, and Region 5 Director, Jehan Ahamed.

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