Canna Cabana ratifies significant wage and language improvements

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May 5, 2022

The members at Canna Cabana in Hamilton ratified a new three-year agreement on April 27, 2022 with significant improvements to the wage scale.

Increases will be retroactive to April 13, 2022 of $1.00 for Probationary Employees, $0.50 for members with less than 1 year of service, $0.50 for members with more than 1 year of service and $0.50 for members with more than 2 years of service.

Additionally, there will be increases after 3, 4 and 5 years of service which will amount to as much as $1.25 for long standing members. Members will also receive annual increases of $0.50 per year in each year of the agreement. Signing bonuses will be paid in the amount of $500 for full- time and $300 for part-time including on call delivery drivers. Overtime will be paid after 40 hours instead of 42.

There will be improvements to Vision Care for members of an additional $50 per entitlement period.

Language improvement include:

  • New language regarding Health and Safety and the employer’s duty to provide additional PPE and supplies as requested by the members.
  • Significant improvements to the number of Sick Days that the members will be paid based on their years of service.
  • Improvements to the negotiation committee language will allow for one member from each location to sit on the committee.
  • Increase to the employee grace period to 4 minutes up from 3 prior to shift commencement.
  • The addition of replacement rest period language should a rest period be interrupted.
  • The addition of a Letter of Agreement to allow members to contribute to the UFCW Charity Fund.
  • Addition of new shift cancellation language for members to be paid 3 hours if their shift is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.
  • The addition of two new paid statutory holidays (Remembrance Day & National Day for Truth and Reconciliation).

Union negotiating committee: Cody Caruso and Jesse Peria. Union Representative: Chris Bernardi