Canadian Linen members have a new agreement after interest arbitration decision

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January 17, 2022

The members in Ottawa-Kingston have a new three-year deal following the decision received from interest arbitration after a difficult set of bargaining.

Wage increases will be: effective January 6, 2022 (date of the decision) $.40 per hour and 3% wage increase. June 17, 2022 – 2.5% increase, June 17, 2023 – 2%. We were also able to achieve minimum wage plus language for the term of the agreement. Employees will also receive a $525.00 lump sum payment.

The two-tier wage grid for employees hired after June 17, 2009 well be eliminated as of June 18, 2024.

Other monetary improvements include an increase to the vision allowance up to $300.00 every 24 months and eye exam coverage of $120.00 every 24 months. Dental coverage of $2000.00 per person and $4000.00 per family. Paramedical up to $500.00.

Language improvements will see the breaks increased to 15 minutes instead of 10, bereavement to include step children and step parents, vacation improvement entitlement of 4 weeks reduced to 12 years service from 14.

Language was negotiated to provide that if a steward is not present when any discipline is handed out, it will be considered null and void.

Union negotiating Committee: Jorge Garcia, Stacey Hanson, Charlotte Teepell.  Region 3 Director Paul Hardwick, Union Representatives Sean Carroll and Sandra Proulx.

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