Best Western North Bay members ratify

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October 29, 2019

On October Oct 25, 2019, the members at Best Western in North Bay ratified a new 3-year agreement.

Wage improvements include a 2% increase in year one and two and 2.5% in year three.Best Western North Bay ratification meeting

Additionally, if there is an increase to the minimum wage, and it is equal to or above any rate, 50% of the difference will be applied to each affected rate on the grid. There is an increase to the overnight premium to $1.00/hour up from $.50 and improvements to the Sunday premium. Laundry is now included in the gratuities calculation to receive $0.25/hour.

Best Western North Bay ratification meetingEmployees with 20 years or more service now receive 6 weeks’ vacation up from the previous cap of 5 weeks. Part time employees with 1 or more years of service will receive 1 paid sick day per year, and 50% of full-time employee sick pay remaining will be paid out the first pay period in January.

Other improvements include: new language for housekeeping work that allows housekeepers more time to clean rooms. Bereavement entitlement improvements to include grandparent and grandchild will increase from 3 days to 5 days. Kitchen and maintenance department footwear allowance increases include full time from $200 to $300 and part time from $100 to $200 for the life of the agreement. New full time house person footwear allowance of $150.

The Training and Education fund will receive an increase to $1500 up from $1250.

The negotiating committee fought hard and was able to protect many of the rights and improvements that that have been negotiated over many years, as the employer sought many concessions around seniority rights, probationary periods, Sunday premiums and sick days.

Negotiating committee: Margie Harrison, Caitlyn Hart, Jana Jordan and Union Rep – Derek Jokhu.

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