Bargaining units at Safeway Gas Bars in the north ratify

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November 6, 2017

The three Safeway Gas Bar locations in Thunder Bay, Dryden, and Fort Frances employ about 24 members of the Union.

Through separate meetings in each city, the membership ratified a new four-year agreement, which includes pay rate increases as well as lump sums.

In the first year, employees receive a retroactive increase of 25 cents per hour for hours worked since June 4, 2017. Following that, rates increase by 25 cents per hour following ratification, plus 25 cents in the third and in the fourth year of the term. The employer will pay lump sums in October 2018 of:

  • $600 for those working 40 hours per week;
  • $400 for those working 32 hours per week;
  • $200 for those working 20 hours per week, and;
  • $100 for those working 10 hours per week.

Union Negotiating Committee: Derwin Derkson, Randy Sullivan, and Union Reps Colby Flank and Tracy Stubbs.

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