Another win for Olameter workers

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April 16, 2019

Join us in welcoming more employees from Olameter to the Union!

The most recent campaign, which lasted two weeks, brings more Olameter meter readers to our Union from the municipality of Chatham-Kent as well as Middlesex and Eglin Counties. These new members will join more than 140 other Olameter employees who gained the Union advantage by voting Union Yes back in December 2018. Read more about that campaign here.

Since that certification, the Union has been able to prevent changes to the working conditions of our members. Working conditions – including wages and other terms of employment – that exist at the time of application for certification are protected under Section 86 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act (OLRA).

Our newest members wanted that same protection for their current working conditions before any changes could be made.

Employees cited similar concerns to the previous Olameter gas and water meter readers who joined UFCW Local 175. Those reasons included wanting to address health and safety issues, wages, pensions, vision care coverage, and management style.

Congratulations and welcome to your Union!

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