Anamet ratifies new deal with strengthened overtime and vacation language

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August 18, 2021

The new 3-year agreement ratified by the members at Anamet in Frankford will include wage increases of 2% in each year of the agreement with the first increase retroactive to March 14, 2021. Additionally, the afternoon shift premium will increase to $.75 from $.50 and the night shift premium increases from $.80 to $1.00 per hour.

Other monetary improvements include an increase to the vision allowance from $200 to $325 for glasses and eye exams combined. The boot allowance language will now provide for reimbursement within 10 calendar days on a separate cheque.

The overtime and vacation language were strengthened and clarified. The new language will ensure that there are no changes in the process going forward, and overtime is now by seniority versus equalized overtime. In addition, the employer will now be restricted from scheduling vacation black out days in July and August.

Union negotiating committee: Justin Williams, Will York. Union Representative: Paul Hardwick.

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